Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 7 dys:

Well is National Insecurity 2012 style. Which plane? What plane? The Caroni Plain A Flood Plain! Gibbs Madderiffic Kamla Staggeriffic And ppl resembling Sandy Ignerrific as hell! Because between the head of the National Security Council (our Prime Minister), the Minister of National Security, Brig Sandy and our Hot shot Top Cop, nobody knows about the rental of the $.9m light aircraft for surveillance. Gibbs in a Hot Spot Tight Spot What Spot? Maybe it in a hangar liming with the Light Rail that Kamla promised 2 years ago wasn't happening under her way! Not Ever! I for the farmers and have their interests at heart! Now Imbert saying it have Bobol in the tendering for the Light Rail project and Rowley threatening to take he small goal side from off the Procurement Committee and make track fast because it look like a shit storm brewing up in Parliament again At the eye of the storm is Miss Fete Must Fete who does misspeak, misstep, miss hear miss fire.... or so we have been advised! In the mean time the Senate meeting to discuss the Police service. Gibbs appraisal happen 2 weeks now and he aint get he marching orders yet! And in the midst of this Band of Bacchanal....IS CARNAVAL!!!!!!