Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 6dys:

Why Gibbs still here?The PSC review his performance and keep him? 3 murders over the weekend. I feel is more ochro farmers Since nobody know who would want to kill them. Ambulance refuses to help mother with ailing child. The Ambulance company say their computer say is not them. Dirk Barnes say the $.9m aircraft Cox referring to is not his. Donna, you waving documents like a Flag Woman, it have any substance behind your claims? This thing not so plane after all. What plane you referring to in September 2011? Soca artist held with 1 gram of weed. Container loads of weed in frozen chicken parts still pending investigation, with no owner yet! Protests in Penal, debris blocking road. Soca monarch semis last night. The artists sounding as discordant as the People's Panchayat Govt. 4 more weeks for soca to reign. The National Bacchanal now start. De Vice Cyah Done!

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