The Week in Clusterf@$ks 20mts, 5dys:

This Week in Clusterfucks saw the PM engaging in public masturbation.The self-stroking session came complete with free drinks, performances, adulatory speeches, a stage full of parliamentary jesters, Jacks and people resembling Sandy. The Queen trumpeted triumphantly that her failure to deal with crime effectively to date is her crowning success...and the masses fawned. Patrick Manning, the once reviled leader of the PNM is once again ushered into the hearts of the die hards. His recovery from a stroke is being treated like the resurrection of the Christ. The Keith of Clan Rowley is once again a usurper to the throne in the eyes of the Bring Back Manning crew. In the midst of strokes and celebrations it was revealed that Govt squandermania has achieved new levels of meaning under Kamla Rani. Aircraft and air surveillance seems to be a theme with this govt. Mile High Club, anyone? One would think patrolling our coastlines would also take precedence. Having sold the million dollar Blimp for 50K, the People's Panchayat is now renting a surveillance aircraft to the tune of .9m. All of the national security systems implemented by the PNM are being dismantled. But what are they being replaced with? Who yet knows what is this government's plan for National Security. Thus far it seems to comprise of Reshmi heading the SIA, Gibbs heading the Police force, Griffith advising the Govt, Sandy heading nowhere and a SoE to lock up petty criminals. While we grapple with the lack of a crime plan that Kamla keeps congratulating herself on, there is the matter of our welfare state. The PNM's handout system was a big campaign point during the 2010 elections. Indeed their numerous make-work and give-stipend schemes seemed to have no end. Kamla, running out of crayons after Colour Me Orange, has now started playing Monopoly with our public utilities. Free Lights and Water, she cooed at Rienzi! Free when Govt subsidising it? If the Govt subsidising it, then it means tax payers covering the cost. In a country where only a select portion of the society shoulders the real burden of the tax sytem, Kamla's claims of free lights and water is insulting. 3 weeks away from Carnival and the real bacchanal is not in the tents and fetes, but in our Parliament. De Vice Cyah Done!

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