Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 3dys:



And on the third day after his hospitalisation and a visit from The Bas, Manning the PNM Messiah arose and asked for his home!

A cry arose from the slumbering mass of PNMites who had turned from the Rowley and now looked to the ressurrected Messiah for leadership.

The Kamla Rani saw this and sipped deeply.
Then, like a light in the East (UWI , St. Augustine)
The Bas rose to the occasion and delivered a mighty blow to the Kamla Rani
"Verily Verily I say unto thee, She must talk less and act More....Hype is not a substitute for performance".

And a great cry rend the air as the masses witnessed the shining of the Fox.
Vive Le Bas!

In the distant land of UNCOP the Verna and the Cadiz began a new dance, the back pedal.

Forgetting they had once been anti-hanging and filled with a deep love of the flashing blue lights, they crafted a new answer about their positions on hanging.
The Kamla saw this and thought it was good!

Deep in the depths of Queen's Palace the AG sat and looked on the form and image of the Keith of the clan Rowley and massaged himself, lusting after the Keith, wanting to both crush and embrace him.

In the depths of his despair and frenzy he ejaculated, "You are classless!"

The Keith smirked and pressed on.
The Transport minion began work on the inter-island ferry; and the PNM masses exulted: Voterpadding in we pweffen!

Trouble continued to brew in the lower realms as Schoolgates everywhere began shutting down due to parental blockage.

And in all this the Pigs Rejoiced and Exulted, because they held Power!
The Kamla saw this and sipped deep!