Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 30dts

New Poll says Kamla more popular than her party.FTW???? The two things separate? Magistrate caught breaking the rules. What will be the punishment? Petrotrin looking to evict Gopee-Scoon. Was she getting housing allowance along with that house? Kamla blaming customers, not WASA for it's bad management and $$$$ woes. If they not paying water rates, cut their supply! No maths involved! Ken Gordon's integrity under question. Gallery Griffith say he not sure SSA involved in Ass/plotGate. He finally learning to hush he damn mouth! Ramadhar support tax reform. I need details, fellas. The why's and the hows. This govt horrible at explanation and disclosure. The PIGS are inarticulate and uninformative. Heaven help those who don't speak oink!

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