Crime Clusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 19mts, 29dys:

Roughly 5 months after a national budget the People's Panchayat go back to parliament asking for TT$2bn more and expect us to think they managing the economy well! How come the highway to Pt, the HCU and Clico $$$ weren't budgeted for last year? None of those projects remotely new? Now all of a sudden 2011's economic outlook was peachy keen....what about 2012? How is it possible that the world economy is failing and Dooks and Williams keep saying ours is stable? Is stable a synonym for stagnant? Prisoners riot to protect their sim cards and cell phones... Let me get this straight..these men on murder charges and have cell phones and sim cards? Why prison's officers not being made to answer for this nonsense? the prison system is a farce too? In the wake of the 3 murdered fishermen the village mob calling for blood again! Hang Them! Hang Them! You sure? What if it turns out these "innocent" fishermen not so innocent after all....what if their prime catch isn't calvalli and carite? What if the victims, were themselves part of a larger crime network? Then who should hang? Speaking of hanging, when will white collar criminals be punished? If we going to hang criminals shouldn't the stealers of billions of dollars, people's savings, future and investments be forced to face the noose too? Kamla's decision to goar lagay seems to be a real bone of contention. Defenders of the act are accusing Rowley's PNM and the black population of having no traditions to speak of, hence their problem with the PM's act. My question remains constant though. Was performing the goar lagay part of state policy or personal policy? Was the PM representing herself in her private capacity or was she representing the nation of Trinidad and Tobago? If the latter, what's the state policy on greeting the heads of state of your host country? The PM needs to remember that more important than scoring media points, is following state policy and properly representing the multicultural state that she is the political head of. And what's with Suruj Rambachan constantly referring to her as a "true daughter" of Indian soil? Where was Kamla born? Do we need to see her birthpaper now? A child is beaten to death in Laventille by a male relative. In the past fortnight there's an increase in reports of child abuse. Before that it was abuse against women. Ours is a society sinking into barbarism. The government lashes out at us we lash out at ourselves Retribution is our only justice system here Ask Crime Watch. The PIGS will tell us, Doh Hot Yuh Head!