Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 28dys:

20 days into 2012 and we already have more murders than days Gibbs and Sandy insisting serious crime down I guess murder aint serious. Be Calm, says Gibbs.....Peace be Still? Verily, verily I say unto thee Gibbs, thou art ineffective and in this day will live to witness your demise at the hands of the nation's wrath. Thus sayeth the Pantomime! Kamla cleared on using power of veto to appoint head of FIU Typical Manning tactic, I not sure why the PNM so confused This is a habit their former leader started. Govt Ministers can now drive state-owned vehicles The People's Panchayat pass that law in 2011. It is no longer illegal for Anil Roberts to crash and total state-owned vehicles! So Vasant can drive his Porsche AND take home his travel allowance! And all yuh better hush! By next week they might pass a law stating he could sign he own blank checks from the treasury! Mayor Nagessar suffers chest pains....which implies he has a heart.....perhaps one day he might get a headache! Ravi Ji explains the Hindu practice of goar lagay Did the PM visit India as Head of Govt or Head of a religious body or specific ethnic group? Religion and Politics....the joint crucible of disaster in this country! Congratulations to new Editor in Chief of the Trinidad Guardian Ms Judy Raymond We can't help but look forward to the changes that are bound to come at the media house With the crime and the non-transparency in public life as it is now The PIGS are slow wining on the Nation!