Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 26 dys,153266.html

Govt sells $15m Blimp in January 2012 for $50k. 2 weeks later they proposing to buy a $9m aircraft to do aerial photography to catch squatters???? Roodal, really? In this guava season, after the $10m search-for-my-navel-string-in-grandmother-India, the Govt proposing to bad spend even MORE $$$$$$???? Minister Bharath admit to buying the Porsche Cayenne, he say he get it at a bargain. But what happen to the Perm Sec of the ministry in all of this? The Perm Secs have a say in how ministry $$$$ spent Why Edwina Leacock, Perm Sec for Ministry of agriculture signed off on the Porsche cayenne? Why when the population catching its ass to make ends meet, our ministers buying more expensive vehicles with public funds for their exclusive use? 2 Days ago central Bank Governor says our economy stable. Today World Bank tells developing economies brace for a grim year as a fallout from Europe's economic crisis. Which part of Oz Ewart Williams living? The Integrity Commission suffer a breach this week. Maybe Imbert (rolls eyes) right and they need a bush bath (then again Imbert could do with one too!) Tim Cobo has announced that the MTS monopoly on school security comes to an end Now TSTT's Blink Vigilance will be in charge. Who watching them cameras? Who patrolling the school's compounds? Will students still be checked for weapons and drugs when they enter school compounds? Blink could do this? The Prisons' Service want to know exactly how prisoners getting to conjugate their verbs during conjugal visits? Subject going into verb, or verb going into subject? Will 1X1 start to equal 2??? At 95, a squatter gets the deed to lands promised him. How long I have to squat to be able to get property here? Digicel is still a sponsor of Ravi B...why? Plenty kuchoor in the Chutney this year....I need about 12 pholourie to go with that! PSA rebel faction get access to their compound again. Round 2 of the PSA Fete/Sweat and tears Match has begun! The PIGS continue to defecate on us from a great height!