Crime Clusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 19mts, 25 dys

22 pkts Weed found in Form 2 classroom at St Augustine Snr Comprehensive. Students say they know who the weed belongs to. Bodies of 3 missing fishermen found bullet riddled. Maybe they get killed for overfishing? Couldn't be anything else. Despite a cripplingly slow economy Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams insists our economy strong. Despite lay-offs, slow sales, little cash flow! How is it that Greece, UK, Germany, US (our trade partners) tanking...and our economy strong? Do we have another economy/revenue source that we not acknowledging? Extreme Fishing and Farming, maybe??? Police Service Commission too disorganised to assess Gibbs....WTF???? The alleged killer of Amy Annamunthodo to launch his defence today. Kamla Rani returns and says she conducted 200 meetings in 14 days while digging up her navel string... Define "meeting" without using Ancil Roget's Thesaurus? Ken Gordon stills his tongue on Integrity Commission info.....keep an eye on them, more in this mortar than the pestle. Spiritual Leader caught in scam....if Clico board members only guilty of mismanaging a business then he only guilty of misrepresenting the power of god! Clico bonds to be issued to policy holders soon, says Dooks But the soap opera that is the CoE aint likely to end for us ever.... George Singh's Port of Spain Chutney Monarch show getting competition Down South! Chutney vs Chutney = Kuchoorla! Piccadily Greens stays on Carnival route... Vasant Bharath, the Prince of Pet Rice shipments, defends Ministry of Agriculture purchase of Porsche as ministerial car. I imagine he want to do speedy site visits to farms! We need Gaaarliiiic Sauuuuuce, to stomach these PIGS, oui!