Crime Clusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 19mts, 24 dys

Kamla Rani returns triumphant, navel string in hand! PM accuses Rowley of making mishchief while she continues to refuse to make sense. She won't give up silk....she deserves it...doh mind she barely practise law! Promises to account for Rootsgate, aka India Trade Mission. 6yr old girl raped by 62 yr old man. By the time she gets justice she'll be a grown woman and probably lived through the rape many times over in our static justice system. SC Martin Daly and Mervyn Assam get all Shakespearian and sexual on us. "I am Calpurnia", says Assam. "Are you bi-sexual?", asks Daly. 22 murders in 16 days. The crime plans working! PSA Bois Men want an election The war aint done, Witless Duke! Fmr AG Maharaj asks An& to account for giving himself silk. Uncle Bhoe promises to clean up procurement procedure. Meanwhile the country watching him cockeyed over his involvement in CLICOGATE. Can we trust a Govt Minister to be honest when he willing to turn a blind eye to mismanagement and corruption? TT$125m for Carnival 2012....but no 2 million dollar men....HEH HAAAAA! The PIGS know how to take ADVANTAGE!