Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 23dys

It is 15 days into January 2012: This year holds nothing new for Trinbagonians.

We are saddled with an incompetent and corrupt government We still have an inept Commissioner of Police that we desperately need to be rid of

Citizen morale is at an all time low. In this past week we made 20 murders in 14 days A barber was shot 15 times

A farmer was shot 9 times

A Chinese National stabbed in his back

Our policing not ready for the type of crimes we experiencing.

The CoP's calls for a review of the partnership goes unanswered by the UNC.

That party was the UNC's Trojan Horse and they remain a virus in our system More insidious and dangerous than the flagrantly opportunistic UNC if only because they mask their desires under a camouflage of "patriotism".

Dookeran, incapable of any real fiscal policy, now wants to review our tax system to get public servants to do what his asinine budget cant....jumpstart a stalled economy.

Why you don't tax the drug lords, the casino bosses, the arms dealers and the business men who live off the fat of the land and avoid the tax system? Speaking of tax...Nunez-Tesheira took the stand this week and blithely dismissed her foresight in Clicogate as "coincidence" and the public was meant to swallow that! Can someone tell me what the Minister of Finance does if there is already a Ministry called Planning & the Economy? Dookeran and Tewarie sharing a portfolio? Hindu and Muslim Schoolboard Leaders continue to act in a boorish, uncouth fashion....especially towards women. Will the Catholic, Presbyterian and Anglican boards follow suit? Will the feminazis among us ever open their mouths to protest their behaviour? Or is protest limited only to airings of Crime Watch? In all of this mix it is Carnival time again. The Festival is once again under attack by a Govt. They want to move mas from Picaddily. They want to move all competition out of the Dimanche Gras entirely. They want King and Queen costumes to pay to cross the stage. Kamla playing more mas in India than the nation will play in February. Soon the continent will have more rights to these islands than the citizens themselves! The PIGS on this Farm have outdone even Orwell's!