Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 22 dys

Gibbs get a failing grade from PSC

But they want a face to face meeting to make sure?

The courts step in an give the PSA Tiger Witless Duke an injunction.
The next move in the rebel faction court!

Bodies of 3 missing fishermen still to be indentified.
Ent Kamla say our coastal waters safe?
Oh right, the same OPV's they cancel, they going to buy now.

Assam points to mismanagement at CLICO....Lucky Dip Loans session!

Daly and Thanki tell Assam he talking nonsense (only now?)

Kamla say expect plenty Indian investment....strategic takeover????

2 men shot and murdered yesterday: one at a wake and one is a farmer.
Why any farmer will get 9 bullets? The goods he sell was rotten?

Police still investigating the show of force at TV6.
I guess the tactic is drag it out until ppl frustrated, fed up and forget!

Subhas doh want prisoners conjugating verbs!

The Queen returns from India today!
Rani ke gaaar. Harde Bapre!

The PIGS are a hot mess!