Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 18dys:

Police service Commission looking to probe Gibbsgate Finally somebody else realise he incompetent??? Karen Nunez Tesheira more interested in blocking for Manning that protecting the public that paying her salary. We expected to believe she sell Clico shares by chance! The PM has arrived where they bury she navel string! Villagers greet her in tears. Ah boy, like somebody tell them the truth. They feeling we pain! They calling for Bollywood to come here. Trinidad is done the land of farce and in-action heroes We aint need Bollywood for that. Volney take over Heath Ledger role as the Joker Keith say give him a bligh and take him serious... Emile Elias accuses Manning of squandermania on the Cleaver Heights issue. No, Manning? Squandermania? You don't say! An& done get he silk and trying to stop the process for those behind him! Dookeran continues to be irrelevant to the nation's politics but integral to the corruption! The real People's Panchayat is between the PNM, UNC and COP in parliament. The Piggies have us in a stranglehold.