Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 17dys:

Volney calls the no-plot report Treachery This Panchayat needs a Ancil Roget Thesaurus They bandy about words too loosely. The PM has taken her pundit to the land of Pundits. Sand and beach much? CAL claim he there on business So what is Devant there for? St Augustine and Erin villagers looking for their MPs. Prakash where yuh boy? ... TTPS say they independent! Myster I salute yuh boy, you put Archie and Assang to shame! Sat and Yacoob have religion and schoolboards looking bad....their pantylines showing! TT Carnival to be stamped "Made in China"??? Uncle Bhoe starring in Clico Kuchoor! The PIGGIES messing up the National Lagoon nicely!