Political Pantomime 1yr, 6mts, 22dys:

Political Pantomime 1yr, 6mts, 22dys:An& giving Steve-Ish a bligh and only putting them on trial here. Keith say the Ass/Plot was the ruse to distract from it. Kamla say let Nizam sue if he want too. The Silver Fox making way Cub Michaela: Vive Le Bas! Fete to de Max say he is not a figurehead. Molotov cocktails is the new guns in Laventille! T&T dress tail over she head and the PIGGIES lining up!

http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/_Assassination_plot_a_successful_distraction__-135902268.html http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/OVER_TO_THE_DPP-135902273.html http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/Mickela__not_Bas__to_contest_UNC_poll-135902243.html http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/PM__Nizam_free_to_challenge_firing-135902238.html